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Finished eCard with a link to an online Invitation RSVP

About CorpNote

Established in 2004, CorpNote combines eCards, online invitations and online surveys into one easy to use online service specifically designed for business use. CorpNote is advertising free and can be customized using your company logo, colors, images, text and contact information.

Our eCards seamlessly integrate with powerful business tools:

  • eCard scheduling for birthdays, anniversaries, appointment reminders, customer service follow-up and more
  • Online invitations and RSVP response management
  • Online surveys with customizable and downloadable reports
  • Time-saving templates and customizable design shortcuts
  • Contact management with unsubscribe tracking
  • QuickSend mobile eCards and invitations for use with iPhone, iPad and Android devices

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and an easy-to-understand pricing policy which includes unlimited eCards, invitations and surveys for one low monthly price. There is no long term commitment and we offer a 10 day money-back satisfaction guarantee for individual memberships.

We offer two membership plans to suit individual and corporate needs. View CorpNote's Pricing and Membership Plan Comparison Guide for more information.

Company History

CorpNote was created by Set Now Solutions, LLC, which is an internet development company that has been in business since 1996. As one of the pioneers in internet development and the business eCard market, you can rely on us for our proven technology, our extensive experience and commitment to providing unprecedented customer support.

We're always building and always improving. Staying competitive in today's market means reinventing ourselves on a continual basis.

Over the years, we've added many new features to our service, such as social media integration, mobile phone compatibility, email list subscriber data and address book enhancements. This growth has been nurtured with the belief that "all of our features should work seamlessly with each other" and that they should be easy to use, even for the 'technically non-gifted'.

We offer unparalleled customer support. We enjoy speaking with our customers, and we promise not to make you feel lost in a sea of phone menus or unanswered support requests when you need advice.

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