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How do I create my signature that appears at the bottom of my eCards?


Step 1. After signing in, select My Account > Signature from the navigation.

Step 2. Enter all of the information you might want to include on your eCards. The next time you compose an eCard, the fields for which you have entered information will appear with checkboxes next to them so you can select the items you want to include in the signature of that eCard.

Important: Changing your email address on this screen will also change your sign-in email address. You must use this new email address the next time you sign in.


  • All eCards will show your most recent signature. If you have used the 'Display in Browser' eCard  delivery method, people who view the eCard after you save your changes will see these adjustments. This is helpful if you have changed your phone number, web site address, title etc. so your eCard recipients will always see the most current information.
  • Changing your signature information does not change your billing information.
  • If you have a web site, enter the web site address and click the test button to confirm that you have entered it correctly.

View our tutorial on how to create your eCard Signature.


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