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How do I add email addresses to my address book?


From the navigation menu choose My Account > Address Book.

You can add email addresses in 2 ways:

  • Add an individual address by clicking the 'Add Contact' button.
  • Add multiple addresses by clicking the 'Import Contacts' button. You can then select which program you would like to import from: Outlook, Act! or other contact manager software. Specific instructions are provided based on your choice.

In summary: When importing multiple addresses, you will need to open your existing contact manager software and 'export' your contacts to a file that will be stored on your machine. In the CorpNote address book, you will then need to click the 'browse' button (on the import instructions page) and find the file you created. When you click the 'Import Contacts' button at the end of our instructions, your addresses will be uploaded into your address book for review.

You can then select which email addresses you want to add to your CorpNote address book.

Click here to view our address book tutorial.


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