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How do I schedule anniversary eCards to be sent on a person's anniversary?

Answer: There are 2 ways you can send and schedule anniversary eCards using CorpNote:

1. Using your Address Book: When you add a person to your address book, enter their anniversary date in the field provided. Once a month, or whenever you choose, search for everyone with an upcoming anniversary using our address book search feature. You can then compose and schedule anniversary eCards to be sent on their anniversary date.

2. Using Anniversary Reminders: You can set email reminders that tell you who has an anniversary each week. From your ’My Account’ page, go to the section for ’Important Dates & Holidays’ and click the tab for ’This Week’s Important Dates’. Then click the button that says ’Set Birthday and Anniversary Reminders.’  This will set a weekly reminder email for you listing anyone in your address book with an anniversary date occurring that week.

View our tutorial on how to send or schedule an eCard.


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