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Can I allow my company users to use custom cards I have created and block all CorpNote eCard designs?


Yes. To disable access to all CorpNote eCard designs for your users, open each person’s profile (My Account > Manage Users) or set this option when you add a user. Check the box that says “Click here to disable access to CorpNote public cards” and save your changes. Your company users will now not be able to see any CorpNote eCard designs but they will be able to see any Custom eCard designs you have uploaded and any eCard templates you have created for them.
If you want your users to see only select CorpNote eCard designs, follow these instructions. A company administrator has access to all CorpNote eCard designs. The administrator can select the CorpNote eCards they like, make an eCard template from them, and then share the eCard template with any or all users in their company plan. The company member will then see that eCard design as available for use in their account.


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