Frequently Asked Questions

What is CorpNote's policy on spam?


CorpNote considers spam to be unsolicited bulk email messages, and this is strictly prohibited. All members that use the CorpNote system must agree to our Terms of Use, which clearly details our no-spam policy.

One of the ways we combat spam is by clearly identifying the sender of any eCard that is sent through our system. All eCards are sent with the member's account name displayed as the sender. This helps eCard recipients recognize our member's correspondence, and it discourages anonymous use.
We encourage all of our members to review their email list on a regular basis for accuracy and to use 'permission-based' email list practices.
At the bottom of every email is a link for the eCard recipient to unsubscribe from a CorpNote member's email list. This blocks that member from sending a CorpNote eCard to that email address in the future. The CorpNote member cannot change this setting. Only the eCard recipient can re-allow that CorpNote member to send them a CorpNote eCard.


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