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Why are my eCards not getting through to my recipients?


First, make sure the email address you are using to sign into our system is a valid email address. Our system requires that your email address be valid before an eCard can be sent.

If your email is valid, then the problem could be due to your recipient's SPAM filters or the program they use to receive email. Make sure you are sending your eCards to people who have given you permission to email them. Use a descriptive subject line that clearly identifies the reason you are contacting them and avoid words that SPAM filters look for. There are many online resources which provide a list of those words.

Other problems that can occur. In some situations, if you send an eCard from yourself to yourself, your email server may block it as SPAM. See our related FAQ:
I can't receive CorpNote emails sent to myself, or other people in my company can't receive my eCards.

If your still having problem, you can call us at 609-406-1665. Our technical support team is available by phone weekdays from 9-5PM.


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