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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What do I do if the event information sent with an invitation has changed?

Here is how you change your event information and then notify your invitation list that the event information has changed:

1. Change your Event Information
Go to Invitations > Manage Events, and click the 'Modify' button next to the event you want to change. Make your changes and then click the 'Save Changes' button on the bottom of the page. Your changes have now been saved and anyone completing the response form will see your changes immediately.

2. Send an eCard to your List
To notify all of the people you invited that the event information has changed, go to Invitations > Manage Events. Click the 'Invitation List' button next to the event you changed. Choose who to send the eCard to and then either select an eCard template to use or a new eCard will be created for you without an eCard design. You can then compose your eCard as normal. 


To send to the people who already responded to your event (by replying yes or no to the invitation), go to Invitations > Manage Responses. Click the 'Send Reminder' button next to the event you changed. Choose who to send the eCard to and select a template or a new eCard will be created for you. You can then compose your eCard as normal. 

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