Tutorials - Create a Custom Card in Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Photo Elements

1. Create a new document with the following settings:

(File >New...) Create a new document specifying your desired height and width (up to 600 px wide and 600 px high). Make sure the resolution is 72 pixels per inch and choose RGB color mode.

eCard sizing specifications

2. Filling the background

Fill the background layer of the image with a gradient, a solid color, or an image. Try to pick a background that works well with your overall design, and is not too busy.

Creating an eCard background

3. Paste in your logo

Insert your logo by copying and pasting (or create a new logo!).

Inserting a logo into the eCard.

4. Add your text message

Use the type tool to add your message.
Make a list of all the messages you want to create, and type them all in one session, as separate layers. Then you can save multiple cards from the same file, like 'Thank you, Special Announcement, Special Event' etc.

Adding text to the eCard design.

5. Dress it up!

Add a drop shadow and outer glow to your logo or text for added style.

Adding a drop shadow and other design elements.

6. Save it at the proper size and image quality

We use the "Save for Web" feature in Adobe Photoshop. In this example, we chose the JPEG file format (which works better than .GIF if your image contains smooth gradients — .GIF files work best with solid colors). Adjust the quality to find the best compromise between small file size and clear image. Even though you can upload Custom eCards up to 80KB in size, smaller files will load and display quicker for you and your eCard recipients.

Tip: Make sure you also save your original Photoshop file (.PSD) to a place on your computer where you can easily find them, so you can quickly make more cards from your template as your needs dictate!

Saving the eCard in the correct format and preparing for upload.

7. Upload your files

When your eCards are ready, sign in to your account, and select "Custom Cards" under the My Account menu. From the "Upload & Manage Custom Cards" screen, click the Upload Cards button. This will launch the upload window. You can upload up to 36 Custom eCards — the upload tool will tell you how many eCards you have left, and you can delete cards you no longer use.

Click "Browse..." and locate the files for each eCard you made. Then click the "Upload" button (Click the button just once...upload times will vary with your connection speed and the number & size of images.) You will see your eCard designs in your account when the upload is complete and you will be able to send them right away!

How to upload your new custom eCard into CorpNote.

Bonus Tip: Sharing your Custom eCards with other Corpnote Members!

Individual Members you can share their custom card designs with any other CorpNote member, enabling them to send your card designs. To share your custom cards, you need the email address of the other registered Corpnote member.

Go to My Account > Custom Cards and select the "Share your Custom Cards with others" screen. Enter the email address in the Share Custom Cards box, and that member will be able to see and send your Custom eCards the next time they sign in.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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