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Creating and Sharing eCard Templates

Multi-User administrators can create eCard templates and share them with any user in their company account.

Before you share an eCard template with your users, you need to create the eCard template by following these steps:

  1. Send yourself an eCard and make sure everything looks the way you want it to.*
  2. On the Sent eCards page, locate your eCard and click the 'Save eCard As…' button. Choose 'Save as a Card Template.'
  3. Give your template a name. As an option, you can enter comments or a category name to help you recognize this template in the future. All of these fields will be visible when your company user views the eCard templates you share with them.
  4. To share your template, select 'Yes - Share All Users' or 'Yes - Share Selected Users.' If you select 'Share Selected Users,' you will be presented with checkboxes to individually select your users.
  5. Save your template.

If you need to make changes to your eCard template, then you must go back to the original sent eCard and make a copy. Make your changes and repeat steps 1 - 3 above.

Important Note: If you put a person's name directly in the Greeting line (e.g. Dear Bob), then all of your cards sent with this template will say "Dear Bob." To avoid this, create your eCard template using the 'autofill names' feature to insert people's first names from your address book. Alternately, you can enter a generic greeting (e.g. Dear Valued Customer) or not use the greeting line at all.

* You can include other people on your approval team when you send the eCard to yourself.

An eCard Template can only be created from an eCard, invitation or survey in your 'Sent Cards' bin.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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