Tutorials - Multi-User Plan administrators sharing an eCard that contains an invitation or survey

Our eCards online invitations and surveys enable you to send eCards and invitations for all business occasions.

Multi-User Plan administrators can share their event registration or survey response form with their company members by using the direct link feature. This ensures that people who sign up for an event or respond to a survey will appear in the administrators consolidated list of responses.

Step 1: Get the Direct Link

Step 2: Create your eCard

You can 'copy' an eCard that has the event information or create a new one. If you 'copy' the eCard, you will need to choose 'disable survey' and save changes. (See an example)

On the compose screen, create a hyperlink to your invitation or survey response form. Use the 'direct link' web address described in step 1. (See an example)

Step 3: Send the eCard to Yourself

Make sure the eCard looks the way you want it to and links to the appropriate response form.

Step 4: Create the Template

For more detailed instructions on how to do this, visit our eCard Template tutorial

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