Tutorials - Managing Custom eCard and Invitation Designs

How to manage your custom eCard and invitation designs.

Members have the ability to upload up to 36 photos or graphic art designs of their own creation to be used as eCards. Company account administrators can share eCard designs with their company members.

Go to My Account > Upload Custom Cards. This area enables you to upload and delete your eCards. You can also add descriptions that pop up when you roll over the thumbnail pictures. Click on any thumbnail image for full-size view and to edit eCard information.

Upload eCards
Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Delete eCards

NOTE: If the eCard has been sent (by you or anyone who has access to your card) in the last 60 days or the card is scheduled to be sent, you will not be able to delete the eCard.

Your eCards are stored in our system for 60 days to ensure your eCard recipients can view your eCard at any time within a 60 day period of receipt and that you can see this eCard's activity in your eCard history.

Add Descriptions

This text will now appear when you rollover your eCard thumbnail. This is particularly useful if your thumbnails look similar and you can't read the text on the eCard.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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