Tutorials - Share Custom eCards

How to share your custom eCards.

Individual members can give other members access to their eCard designs by 'sharing' them. Share all of your custom eCard designs with other members by providing the email address of the person you want to share your eCards with.

Multi-User Plan administrators, by default, share all of their eCard designs with their Company members. They can also share their eCards with CorpNote members who are not part of their company account.

Instructions for Individual eCard Members:

Step 1. Go to My Account > Upload Custom Cards

Step 2. Select the link on the left "Share your Custom Cards with others"

Step 3. Enter the member's email address in the Share Custom Cards box

The members you select will be able to see your Custom eCards the next time they sign in.

Instructions for Company Members: All of your members have immediate access to your eCards as soon as you upload them.

Important Note: You may also grant access to your eCards to other CorpNote members who are not part of your company account. Follow the instructions for Individual eCard members above.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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