Watch the CorpNote explainer video...
Watch the CorpNote online greeting card explainer video!

$20 for 1 month of unlimited sending.

CorpNote is an advertising-free service that lets you create and share business eCards, messages, invitations and surveys via email, website links and social media.

Online Greeting Cards

Advertising-free eCards where you can use our eCard designs or upload your own.

Advertising-free business eCards for all occasions. Choose from our card designs or upload your own. Set recurring eCards for birthdays, holidays, marketing campaigns and more.

Online RSVP Invitations

Easily turn any eCard into an online invitation for your business event. CorpNote is a professional, advertising-free way to manage events and communicate with attendees.

Easy Online Surveys

Get immediate feedback! Find out what's important to your clients and employees with online surveys. View results in real time and export your data for further analysis.

Recurring eCards for birthdays, anniversaries, employee recognition and more...

Automate the sending of eCards and marketing email – month after month and year after year.

Our Recurring eCard feature enables you to completely automate the process of sending online greeting cards and business messages such as holiday eCards, birthday eCards and anniversary eCards. You can also use recurring email for appointment reminders or any time you want to pre-schedule an eCard campaign.

Learn more about recurring eCards.

Our Recurring eCard feature automates sending holiday eCards, birthday eCards and more.
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Business eCards and Online Party Invitations

Easy to Use. No Advertising.

Whether you're the owner of a small business or an administrator for a large company, CorpNote can help make sending marketing email and eCards easy and help you improve your business relationships year 'round.

Join CorpNote to send your marketing eCards with no long-term membership commitment.

  • Choose from our business eCard designs or upload your own photos or digital artwork
  • Send your eCards and email messages using our robust email system and tracking tools
  • Easily post your message in social media
  • Make any eCard into an online invitation with RSVP and tracking

Learn about CorpNote eCards for holidays

Send business holiday eCards using your desktop computer, tablet, mobile device or phone.
Which CorpNote Plan is Right for You?   

Want More Branding? Choose CorpNote's Custom Interface Option

CorpNote's Custom Interface is included with our Multi-User Memberships, and can be added as a one-time upgrade for Single-User Memberships too! Learn more...

Our custom interface option lets you match your company marketing and branding.
  • Change our site to have your company marketing and branding
  • Upload your logo and choose colors to match your brand
  • Your custom branded interface will be visible to your recipients when they view your eCards, invitations and surveys
  • When using CorpNote, your interface will also be visible to you and all your users if you are part of a Multi-User plan

Learn more about creating a custom interface.

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