CorpNote Privacy and Security Policy

Your privacy

CorpNote regards our Members’ privacy, and the privacy of their email recipients, with the utmost respect. We understand the concerns of sharing business and personal data via the internet and have taken measures to ensure that your personal data, and the personal data of your contacts, remain confidential.

CorpNote will never sell, distribute or make public your personal account information, correspondence, contacts' names, email addresses or other personally identifiable information (PII), unless necessary to comply with legal proceedings, to protect and defend the legal rights or property of CorpNote and its Members.

Website security

Our website uses a secure internet connection (SSL) for all pages that process confidential, financial or personally identifiable information. Our member accounts are accessed only via a password, and once signed in, all member pages and tools are secured via an "https" connection.

To comply with Federal ecommerce rules, we do not store your complete credit card information on our servers. This information is only retained by the secure merchant system that processes our billing.

Your security responsibilities

It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. Do not give your password to anyone else, and “log out” of your account when you are leaving your computer unattended. CorpNote will automatically sign you out of your session if you have no web page activity for more than 30 minutes.

What information must members provide? Why do we collect it?

CorpNote requires that members provide a valid email address, a unique and secure password, a first and last name, company name, phone number, billing contact information, credit card information, and the mailing address associated with the credit card being charged. We gather this information to ensure that:

  1. When a CorpNote email, invitation or survey is distributed, the sender is clearly identified;
  2. The credit card being used is valid;
  3. No one else can have unauthorized access to your account.

CorpNote may also use this information to notify members of important CorpNote news or announcements, inform them of changes in their account status, and to confirm billing transactions. Optionally, CorpNote members and non-members may elect to receive occasional email newsletters, business tips, announcements and marketing messages. Our email newsletter subscription requires an email address, first name and last name, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

Tracking your website activity via "cookies"

CorpNote uses “cookies”, which are small text files written to your computer, to identify you when you are signed into your account, to temporarily save content you are creating, and to save various settings which make CorpNote easy for you to use. Your internet browser must be set to allow the use of cookies for the CorpNote system to function properly.

Data saved on our servers

All member's emails, online surveys and RSVP invitations, and their associated response data, will be saved indefinitely for as long as your CorpNote membership remains active. You may delete your emails, online surveys and RSVP invitations, and their associated response data, at any time.

As a member, your personalized preferences, address book contacts and other customizable account data will be saved as long as your account remains active.

When an account is terminated, all of the account information mentioned above will be retained for a period of 60 days, at which time it will be permanently deleted from our servers. If a prior member reactivates their CorpNote account within this 60-day period, then this data will be used to restore the account to its previous state. If you terminate your membership and wish to have your account content and history deleted immediately, then we will promptly honor your request.

Website tracking and analytics

CorpNote saves server data and website statistics that tell us about our website traffic, and uses third-party anonymized data, to determine how our site is being found, how visitors and members spend time on the site, and how the site is running.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about CorpNote's Privacy and Security practices, you may contact us via:

  • Phone - 609-406-1665 M-F, 9am - 5pm EST
  • Online - Contact Us

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