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Top 5 Holiday eCard Designs of All Time

By Sarah Miller    12/21/2018

In my last blog, I gave you my top 5 new holiday eCard designs but our members have favorites too. Styles change every year, so we create new holiday card designs and retire our older ones depending on whether they're still popular or not. In the past 15 years, we've seen that some classic eCard designs remain popular year after year.

Animated Greeting Cards are Always Popular

This animated holiday eCard is only a few seasons old but it has become the most popular holiday greeting card that our members send. And as I reviewed our most popular holiday cards to write this blog, I discovered that 4 out of the top 5 were animated. This has been a consistent trend since launching CorpNote 15 years ago. What was most interesting is that for other greeting card categories, such as thank you and birthday cards, we have discovered over the years that non-animated cards are preferred.

Holiday Greetings Wishing Peace and Happiness

This holiday eCard has consistently been in our top 5 most popular after its initial release. The design's animation has been updated over the years, as technology has changed, but it's still a favorite. A holiday card theme of snow flakes and wishing people peace and happiness is a design trend that never seems to go out of style.

A Sparkling New Year
To see this animated holiday eCard, visit our pic of the day.

People always love a little bling to celebrate the New Year and this animated New Year's eCard has always been a favorite. You can view the animation in our Pic of the Day: Sparks are flying with this New Year's eCard.

If you want a little sparkle for your New Year's eCard but you don't want animation, I highly recommend this year's featured New Year's eCard which you can also view in our pic of the day: We Hope You have a 'Sparkling' New Year.

eCards that Celebrate all of the Seasons
This holiday greeting card celebrates all of the seasons and has consistently ranked in the top 5 year after year.

While many holiday cards depict snowy winter scenes, this holiday eCard design celebrates the beauty of all seasons. It extends cheerful winter holiday greetings while reminding us that the warmer chroma-rich seasons are soon to follow. The talented artist who made this holiday eCard is one of our top designers for several other greeting card categories.

eCards with a Touch of Whimsy
This whimsical holiday eCard features a family of snowmen.

This relatively new animated holiday card has been a fun favorite for our members, and is used for business season's greetings as well as for friends and family. You can view the animation in our Pic of the Day: Joyous Snowmen - Season's Greetings eCard. Watch for a cameo appearance by our guest lunar snowman.

If you haven't visited our pic of the day, I recommend that you do. This is one of the places on our website that we post our latest designs and we often provide creative ideas on how to use them. And to inspire designers who want to create their own designs, we also provide details on how we created them.

Keep in Touch

I hope you enjoyed seeing our member favorites. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us via our website or give us a call M-F 9am-5pm EST at 609-406-1665. You can also follow and interact with us in social media and sign up to receive our email newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Sarah Miller president of Set Now Solutions and CorpNote eCards, invitations and surveys.

Sarah Miller
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Sarah has been working with internet development since 1994. She has extensive experience in top-level project management and is in charge of CorpNote's website development and security. Sarah has a passion for anything related to the internet. She enjoys "solving puzzles" and creating web-based tools that help businesses run more efficiently.

Sarah's portfolio of production skills includes programming in several languages, database administration, interface design, eCommerce and search engine optimization. She began her career as a technical writer, graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in English from The College of New Jersey. For 25 years her articles and technical manuals have been featured in print and on numerous websites. When not behind a computer, she can be found in her art room working with various media, digging in the dirt in her organic garden, or playing with her two rescue pups.

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