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10/12/2018 - Dress Up Your Tech with our New Free Wallpapers

With Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season just around the corner, the CorpNote art team is looking forward to sharing some of our favorite designs, which you can enjoy on your desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads and mobile phones. You can also share a link to our free wallpapers in your holiday eCards so your colleagues, friends and family can enjoy a little bling on their tech, too!

10/5/2018 - It's Easy to Send Recurring Birthday, Anniversary and Business eCards

One of the most popular features in CorpNote is recurring eCards. That's because recurring eCards make it easy to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, send reminders and more! If you haven't used CorpNote's recurring eCards, here's the skinny on what it is, how it works and how you can make the most of recurring eCards for your business.

8/1/2018 - Getting the Best 'Open Rate' for Your eCards

For many of our members, the 'open rate' of their eCards is very important. There are so many variables that affect open rate, such as email list quality, when and how often eCards are sent, and the goal or purpose of an email campaign. Here are some factors and strategies to consider when putting together an email campaign to ensure that the 'open rate' is going to have its best chance for success.

6/4/2018 - Marketing: Sharing eCards in Social Media and more...

As part of our 'Marketing with Mike' series, we cover how to extend the reach of your CorpNote eCards, invitations and surveys beyond people's email inboxes. By using CorpNote's direct link feature, you can significantly expand your audience with very little extra effort.

4/11/2018 - Email Marketing vs. Social Media: The Inbox Advantage

We're continuing our Electronic Marketing series this week with a critical look at social media. As advocates of email marketing, we compare the strengths and struggles of posting in social, and give some solid reasons why permission-based inbox marketing has some targeted advantages.

4/2/2018 - Marketing: Social Media Success Tips

Do you want to make the most of your time posting and managing your social media? Here are tips for encouraging interaction, cross posting and more.

3/30/2018 - Brainstorming Tips: Creating Content for Social Media, Newsletters and More

If you struggle to create regular content for social media, website articles or newsletters then here's a few of my favorite techniques for generating topics. These examples include how to use search engine data, company contact us forms and online surveys for topic suggestions.

3/6/2018 - Ways to Save Time, Just in Time for Daylight Savings

March 11th is daylight savings time. Since we lose an hour, this week's theme is all about saving time. Hopefully, with a little bit of planning, you can save time and earn back the hour we're losing! Here is my top 5 list of common business activities that can be automated or done more efficiently...

2/27/2018 - Tips for Recognizing and Appreciating Your Company's Best Asset - Your Employees

This week's theme was inspired by Employee Appreciation Day which is March 2nd. The terms employee appreciation and employee recognition are often used interchangeably but they are actually two different things. We explain the difference and provide ideas for your employee appreciation and recognition efforts.

2/19/2018 - Ways to End Procrastination

People get behind because they procrastinate and then they procrastinate because they feel overwhelmed that they are so far behind. So how can we get everything done and still keep our sanity?

2/13/2018 - Customer Appreciation = Customer Retention

A customer appreciation strategy can benefit businesses of all sizes and your plan doesn't have to be overly complicated or cost a lot. Here are a few tips you can use today to make customers feel appreciated and think of your business the next time they go to make a purchase.

2/5/2018 - Image is Everything - Tips for Getting People to Recognize Your Brand

Brand recognition is all about being at the top of someone's mind when they make a purchase. The good news is you don't have to spend a ton of money or be a big company to start getting your brand recognized. Here are 3 easy ways to get better brand recognition.

1/29/2018 - Goals for 2018 – Save Time, Build your Business and Look Good Doing It

CorpNote is on a mission! In 2018, we are ramping up our effort to provide you with a broad range of resources to help support your day-to-day business goals. Here’s how we are going to do it…

11/3/2017 - It's Holiday eCard and Party Planning Time and CorpNote 2.0 is Ready

Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away - it’s early this year - November 23rd. Don’t panic if you haven’t started your holiday eCard or holiday party planning, CorpNote is here to help. With tips for getting your email list under control, creating custom holiday cards, managing holiday parties and more, we've got you covered.

10/22/2017 - CorpNote 2.0 - Upgrades, New Features and More!

You asked - we listened! It's Finally Here! We are excited to announce a brand new, redesigned CorpNote with YOUR most requested tools and features. Official Launch Date: 10/29/17

9/19/2017 - A Brand New CorpNote Just in Time for the Holidays

This holiday is super special for CorpNote. We are launching a brand new website in the next few weeks - just in time for the busy holiday season! This is the most substantial enhancement ever and I’m very excited to share it!

2/17/2017 - Saint Patrick's Day eCards - Get into the Green

Most people know that Saint Patrick's Day is named after Saint Patrick but do you know where the tradition of wearing green and partying comes from? CorpNote's president gives the scoop on Saint Patrick's Day holiday traditions.

11/5/2016 - New Season - New Look - It's Holiday eCard Time!

Thanksgiving is only a little less than 3 weeks away and the hectic schedule of the winter holiday season has begun. Hopefully, CorpNote will help relieve some of the stress! We launched our redesigned public site today which will make it much easier to find what you are looking for.

8/19/2016 - Holiday eCards - Examples and Options

As people are preparing for Thanksgiving, Season's Greetings and Christmas eCards, one of the most common questions I get is, "What will my eCard look like when my recipients see it?" There are a couple of ways people can view your eCard so here are some examples.

7/27/2016 - It's time to start planning Fall and Winter Holiday Cards

This summer is already heating up in the United States Northeast, but I have jingle bells and snowflakes on my mind. I am already getting emails about winter holidays eCards and what people can do now to start preparing for the winter holiday season.

7/10/2016 - Effective Email Subject Lines

Sending an email isn't effective if your recipient doesn't open the message. Here are some tips for creating effective subject lines that improve the chances that your email will be opened.

2/1/2016 - Valentine's Day eCards - We Love Having You as a Customer

Valentine's Day eCards are not just for romance! Send Valentine's eCards to your customers and clients thanking them for their business. Many of our retail clients send Valentine's Day eCards well in advance of Valentine's Day to provide promotional coupons and discounts; but, even if you don't have a retail business, consider sending your clients a Valentine's Day eCard with something special. An eCard that says 'We love having you as a customer' can help your customer appreciation efforts!

1/13/2016 - Valentine's Day eCards - Share the Love

About 15 years ago, I started sending my clients Valentine eCards to let them know how much I 'love' doing business with them. It's become a tradition - one that we both quite enjoy!

9/1/2015 - Want to see a sample holiday eCard?

The calls about holiday eCards are already coming in and that's a good sign! People are preparing now rather than procrastinating to the last minute. One of the most common questions we receive is, "What will the eCard look like when my recipients see it?"

7/10/2015 - Now is the Best Time to Start Planning your Winter Holiday eCards

Believe it or not, it's definitely not too early to start thinking about holiday eCards and holiday party invitations. In fact, it's just the right time.

12/22/2014 - Holiday eCard Blog Series - End of Year Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to keep in touch with customers or give employees a chance to be heard. Surveys are included in your membership and can easily be created in your CorpNote account at no additional cost. Here are some ideas for end-of-year surveys and sample questions.

12/18/2014 - Holiday eCard Blog Series - Advantages of the Company Plan

Companies of all sizes use CorpNote because it's advertising free and we provide lots of opportunity for our members to customize our service to meet their business needs. Company Members have all of the features available to Individual Plan Members, plus several significant additional advantages.

12/15/2014 - Holiday eCard Blog Series - Using Quicksend Mobile eCards

The holidays provide lots of networking opportunities with business and personal holiday parties. To follow up, CorpNote's Quicksend Mobile eCards enables you to send a quick, personalized eCard with your contact information using your mobile device. There's no app to download and it is included with your membership.

12/12/2014 - Holiday eCard Blog Series - Creating custom eCard designs with photos / images

Creating your own custom eCard imagery can be rewarding and special to your eCard recipient. For example, you can create holiday eCards with pictures of staff volunteering for local organizations or their office/store decked out for the holidays. Here's how to create your own eCard.

12/5/2014 - Charge More - Charge Less - An Eye Opening Perspective on Our Pricing

There are two kinds of people - those who want the lowest possible price and those who think you get what you pay for. I had two back-to-back sales calls today, from prospective customers, who had opposite points of view. Here are their thoughts on pricing an eCard service.

12/3/2014 - Holiday eCard Blog Series - Creating, Sharing and Tracking

Whether or not you have sent holiday eCards before, the following tips will help make the process less labor intensive and hopefully even better received by your eCard recipients. We have also included tips and tricks that you probably haven't even thought of.

12/1/2014 - Christmas eCards - Getting Past Writers Block

Many people choose Christmas to reconnect with people they haven't spoken to in awhile. That distance in time can sometimes make it hard to think of what to say. Take heart, writing a Christmas eCard message might come more easily with these tips.

11/24/2014 - Managing Holiday Party Invitations

Online invitations make holiday party planning much more efficient for both you and your guests. From creating and sending your holiday party invitations to following up before and after the event, CorpNote has you covered.

11/17/2014 - Holiday eCards and Party Invitations - Using the Address Book

There are many advantages to using CorpNote's address book, such as better tracking and better integration with our online invitations feature. Learn how to get the most out of your CorpNote address book this holiday season.

11/10/2014 - Holiday eCards and Party Invitations - Blog Series Intro

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the kick off to the holiday season is about to begin. It's a fun time of year, but it can also be incredibly stressful. This year we'll be making it much easier for everyone by providing a holiday blog series that focuses on the questions people ask the most, and linking to resources that will help you move forward easily and efficiently.

7/25/2014 - Tips for Choosing a Strong Password

Creating a strong and secure password has become more challenging as hackers code-breaking techniques have become increasingly sophisticated. Michael Miller, Director of Member Services, provides some tips for creating strong passwords and remembering them.

3/11/2014 - Creating and Sharing eCard Templates

eCard templates allow you to save an entire eCard, including event RSVP and survey response links. You can then easily send template eCards to individuals or large lists of recipients. Learn more about how to use this great time saving feature.

1/2/2014 - Top 5 Email List Organization Recommendations

One of the LEAST enjoyable tasks associated with an online eCard campaign is going through all of your contacts and creating a clean, up-to-date recipient list. Here's my top five tips for email list organization.

12/5/2013 - Top FAQs about Holiday eCards

It�s holiday time! Whether you�re in a last minute scramble to get everything done or you need a calm, organized approach to sending your holiday greeting cards this year, here are the answers to your most common holiday eCard questions.

9/25/2013 - New and Improved EZ-RSVP Invitations and Event Management Features

New features and enhancements to our online invitation tools make it easier to manage events and to track the guests on your invitation lists. Here are the highlights of the feature release.

9/18/2013 - Winter Holiday eCards - It's Not Too Early to Start Planning

Get your holiday season greetings off to a good start by checking out our holiday eCard and invitation white paper as well as choosing the best option for sending your eCards this year.

9/16/2013 - Address Book Enhancements

In a continuation of our mission to make CorpNote faster, weve made a lot of changes to the address book. Here are the highlights...

9/13/2013 - eCard Templates and QuickSend Mobile eCards Are Now Even Easier to Use

As a CorpNote 'power user' with a tight schedule of my own, I am excited to announce enhancements to our eCard templates and QuickSend mobile eCards. Learn more about how you can send your eCards, invitations and surveys in less than 15 seconds by using these newly enhanced time saving features.

8/22/2013 - Finding Just the Right Message with Our Improved Message Helper

When the going gets tough, the tough get programming! Okay, that might not be precisely how the saying goes but here's the latest scoop on our enhancement to the message helper.

5/21/2013 - New Feature Release - eCard Inbox Delivery

Whenever we launch a new feature, Im excited but Im also a little anxious too. How will it be received by our customers? Here's the skinny on the feature release and some of the things to consider when using it.

4/5/2013 - Tips For Creating an Online Survey

Looking for ways to keep in touch with your customers? Consider creating an online survey that will help you answer the questions about your customers that you really need to know. After you read this blog, don't forget to check out our newsletter: 10 Great Ways to Keep in Touch with your Customers.

2/1/2013 - Keeping Those New Year's Resolutions and Favorite Productivity Tips

Keeping those New Year's resolutions can be tough and sometimes you might wonder why on earth you made them in the first place! CorpNote's president gives her favorite tips for staying organized and being more effient.

12/12/2012 - New 'My Account' Home Page Quickly Turns Beginners into Power Users!

Announcing our redesign of the 'My Account' page for members. Not only can you more easily get to the features you use most often, but our new design helps you customize your CorpNote account. You may also discover other features you may not know about and would like to use.

We hope you enjoy the new changes and that you are inspired to use more of our features which will save you time and make you more productive.

12/5/2012 - Go Green with Holiday eCards and Online Holiday Party Invitations

Many of our customers are sending holiday eCards and online holiday party invitations instead of the traditional postal mailing. eCards offer interactivity, card view tracking and much more that you just can't get from a printed greeting card. CorpNote's president discusses this year's holiday eCard and office party planning trends.

11/13/2012 - Tis the Season for Sending Holiday eCards

Most companies will send their Season's Greetings eCards shortly after Thanksgiving. Check out this issue which has ideas for sending eCards for Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales and Season Greetings.

10/21/2012 - Halloween eCards and Office Party Invitations

Elegant Halloween parties, decorations and dazzling food displays seem to be the trend this year with many business choosing 'pretty' Halloween decorations over the 'scarier' fare. Our latest newsletter the Business of Halloween provides unusual and clever ways to celebrate Halloween.

10/11/2012 - Gearing up for the Winter Holiday Season in Style

Today we have made a feature enhancement that will make creating your eCard text even easier. Get the scoop!

10/3/2012 - Bosses Day isn't just for Bosses!

Bosses Day isn't just for Bosses! Thank you eCards can also be sent for employee appreciation by a boss to his employees. CorpNote's president reflects on what it means to be a boss...

9/12/2012 - Most Popular Questions About Holiday eCards

Thinking about holiday eCards? You're not alone! The inquiries are already coming in about sending CorpNote winter holiday eCards and we've got answers to the most popular questions such as when the new holiday eCard designs are coming out.

7/24/2012 - Keeping it Private!

Its no secret that social media, online shopping and search engines carefully track and record your online behavior. What's CorpNote's policy for your keeping your information private? Get the scoop from CorpNote's president.

7/11/2012 - New 'Invitation Lists' Make It Even Easier to Manage Events

Event planning just got easier! This blog covers the invitation manager basics and the new features to help you better keep track of your events and guest lists. We also provide tips on how event invitations work with other CorpNote features like online surveys.

5/16/2012 - eCards for Social Media

Why post an eCard in social media? Studies show that a social media post with an image generates more interest in the form of comments and click throughs than just text alone. Get the scoop on how to use CorpNote eCards, invitations and surveys in your favorite social media channels.

3/16/2012 - Going Green - One business card at a time...

CorpNote's VP talks about the new mobile component 'QuickSend' and how it can support your company's 'go green' initiatives while saving money.

3/16/2012 - Improvements to the Unsubscribe/Subscribe feature for eCard Recipients

2/20/2012 - How to view your online stats and data to improve your results

1/19/2012 - Online Surveys Could Save Your Customers

1/6/2012 - Top 10 Reasons to use CorpNote for more than just Holiday eCards

12/21/2011 - Email Alternatives to Sharing your Holiday eCards

11/28/2011 - Using eCards for Holiday Sales and Promotions

9/21/2011 - Mobile eCard App for Networking Events: Quick Send

9/14/2011 - New Feature Launch

8/23/2011 - Custom Holiday eCards - Maybe Bigger is Better

3/22/2011 - Importing and Exporting Contacts from your Address Book

2/15/2011 - Easily add social media links to your eCards

12/18/2010 - Custom Greeting Cards that are Beautiful and Have the Right Sentiment

12/14/2010 - Click With Confidence This Holiday Season

11/30/2010 - It's Easy to Give Your Employees their Own CorpNote Account

11/26/2010 - Extra Large eCards Are BIG News This Holiday Season

11/22/2010 - Holiday eCards - Email Inbox vs. Web Browser Delivery

11/9/2010 - Free eCards versus paid memberships - what's the difference?

8/10/2010 - Get a Free Month for Being Green

7/20/2010 - Online Invitation Improvements - Event Management is Now Even Easier

6/29/2010 - Online Event Registration Enhancements

6/17/2010 - The more, the merrier!

11/18/2009 - Custom Animated Holiday Cards

10/16/2009 - Season's Greetings E-cards and the CorpNote Plan that's right for you

10/12/2009 - Halloween eCards and Party Invitations

9/4/2009 - New Holiday eCard Line - Fall 2009 Art and Photography Trends

8/29/2009 - Custom Holiday eCards - Thanksgiving and Seasons Greetings

7/24/2009 - Save green while being green summer promotion

7/10/2009 - Get Fresh with your marketing campaigns

7/1/2009 - CorpNote is on Twitter

6/20/2009 - July 4th e-cards and party invitations

6/16/2009 - Event Invitations and Using Direct Link

6/4/2009 - Father's Day E-cards and Party Invitations

5/24/2009 - Privacy and Security Policy for e-cards, invitations, surveys, address books etc.

5/5/2009 - Email Marketing - Is CorpNote Effective?

4/17/2009 - Being Green and Staying Green

4/8/2009 - What do I do with all this Internet Marketing Stuff?

4/3/2009 - All a twitter...

1/15/2009 - How to add your 2 cents - or 'how to type the cents symbol'

12/5/2008 - Electronic Email Holiday E-Cards, and beyond...

12/3/2008 - Sending E-cards for the Holidays: Email Inbox Verses Browser Delivery?

12/3/2008 - Thank You E-cards are a quick, professional way to say thank you for holiday gifts this season.

11/20/2008 - Birthday E-cards - Sending and Scheduling

11/14/2008 - New Holiday E-card Designs and Some Old Favorites too!

11/3/2008 - Getting past the SPAM and Junk Email Bin - tips to getting people to open your emails and e-cards, invitations and surveys

9/15/2008 - E-card Delivery as a Click through in an Email

8/8/2008 - The most common questions by new and potential members

1/11/2008 - E-cards, Invitations and Surveys - our New Year's Resolution

12/15/2007 - Holiday E-cards and Invitations that say more than Happy Holidays

12/5/2007 - Go Green with E-cards, Invitations and Surveys this year

11/30/2007 - Saving Green by Going Green

11/21/2007 - CorpNote New Features - Yes, our service just got even better!

10/17/2007 - A thank you to our members

10/12/2007 - Increase sales by using follow-up eCards

10/1/2007 - Don't forget to thank your boss on bosses day!

9/28/2007 - New eCard Resources and Tips

9/20/2007 - New member welcome page

9/8/2007 - Is this really myspace?

9/4/2007 - Google Dazzles

8/31/2007 - Throw a Corporate Holiday Party Your Employees Will Talk About for Weeks

8/29/2007 - Plan Your Business Event Without Having a Heart Attack

8/15/2007 - Are your emails being ignored?

8/2/2007 - Web 2.0 Interface Design

8/1/2007 - Stupid Sales

7/30/2007 - Sending Employee Appreciation eCards

7/22/2007 - Your Privacy and Security using E-cards, Online Invitations and Surveys

7/18/2007 - eCards and Online Invitations - Security Tips for You and Your Card Recipients

7/16/2007 - Transformers (the Movie) and eCard Animation

7/12/2007 - Where to spend your Marketing Dollars

7/8/2007 - Looking For Holiday eCards Already?

6/28/2007 - My Job is a Beach -- How we Created our Recent Line of 4th of July eCards

3/10/2007 - Saint Patrick's Day eCards - Get into the Green

We have a new animated Saint Patty's Day e-card.

2/2/2007 - Valentine's Day eCards

1/26/2007 - Excellent Customer Service is Your Most Valuable Asset

12/28/2006 - Conquer Creative Block

12/22/2006 - eCard Competitors

12/15/2006 - It's not too late to drive holiday sales

12/10/2006 - Holiday eCards Helping Non-profits?

12/5/2006 - New Holiday eCard Designs

12/1/2006 - Holiday eCards

11/15/2006 - eCard Plan Comparison Chart

11/10/2006 - CorpNote's Spam Policy

10/8/2006 - People not picking up your emails?

10/3/2006 - Blogs for Small Companies

8/9/2006 - How to Detect if it's SPAM or Someone You Know.

How to Detect if it's SPAM or Someone You Know

5/19/2006 - Online Surveys Coming Next Week

5/16/2006 - Online Invitations Enhancements

4/21/2006 - Surveys coming to CorpNote in May

3/29/2006 - Holidays in the Workplace

Everyone celebrates holidays, whether it be Christmas or Chanukah, St. Patrick's Day or the Fourth of July. However, the vast majority of companies only hold one formal celebration per year: an end-of-the-year holiday party.

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