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New Holiday eCard Designs

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

A lot of people have been asking how we come up with our holiday eCard designs and where we get them. So here's the scoop...

Every CorpNote eCard is created by our staff from concept to completion. The best part of my job is getting to work with the art department when we create the cards. Don't get me wrong, programming is equally as creative but there is nothing like working with something you hold in your hands.

And even though we create electronic greeting cards, a lot of what we create is very tangible. I like the hand drawn cards and seeing designs go from sketch to completion; but, my absolute favorite are the photo eCards. I like when we go to a location to take the shots but when it's holiday time -- we usually have photo shoots here in the studio.

A special thank you is in order for some of our members for their holiday eCard suggestions this year. We had a great time with the sets and the lighting and we even put real presents inside some of our 'props' as a surprise to some of our staff. The suggestion to use M&M's in an eCard is one of my personal favorites and yes, I just about ate the whole bag when we were done!

What was my favorite holiday eCard? I am not a big fan of animated cards unless they do something. So when Michael created a Season's Greetings card with falling snowflakes he knew he had to do more than that to get my buy in. If you click the 'play again' button, a bulldozer comes and plows the snow away. It cracked me up and we had to put it on the site.

To this day, I don't know how many people know it's there if you click play again but I know it's there and I like it. :)

Keep those eCard suggestions coming -- I encourage you to drop me an email or fill out the form below. Happy Holidays!

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