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Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Many people have been asking us what makes us different from the competition so we recently looking at our competitors. I was pleased to discover that we are light years ahead of the competition in the ability to format text on the eCard and most don't enable you to save your own frequently used messages. Unfortunately they are light years ahead of us on brand recognition and marketing budget. :)

We will be doing a little more promotion than usual in the spring, but our budget is still going towards ongoing product development. Answering our current member needs is most important to us.

Based on user feedback, we will be adding new features in the spring and making noticeable important changes. Look for these changes in February and March 2007:

  • The eCard pickup screen for individual members will not have the CorpNote brand at the top and the tagline at the bottom will be more simple. The reason we made this change was members felt for us to claim we are truly advertising free - we should remove our brand entirely from the eCard pickup screen. That's fair -- but we still had to put our design copyright in the tagline at the bottom.
  • Company members will still have their interface on the top of the eCard pickup screen.
  • The CorpNote home page now shows more of our eCard designs and better addresses holiday eCards.
  • We've added the ability for all members to print their billing invoices at any time from their account.
  • We've created a whole new line of animated eCards.

Keep those ideas coming and we will do our best to put them in the schedule!

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