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Conquer Creative Block

By Katie da Silva

With the normal time constraint in the workday, there is no room for 'Creative Block,' as I call it. If being creative and thinking 'outside the box' is part of your daily duties this can be very frustrating at times - since fresh, constructive ideas seem to elude us when we need them most. There are ways to loosen the mind's thinking patterns so you are able to direct yourself to the train of thought you need for your business.

Initially, you should calm and clear your mind of any haunting pressures that may hinder the creative juices. Practice breathing exercises, possibly give your temples a good massage, or even indulge yourself with some chocolate-- whatever makes you feel relaxed. Drown out both internal noise (your own inner thoughts - 'I need to go grocery shopping when I get home from work') and external noise (noise you hear from conversations, actions, etc.) Remember how a good idea came to Newton when he was least expecting it lounging underneath a tree.

If nothing is coming to you, propel yourself towards other ideas. Go and explore. Some people are inspired visually. Dive deep into the web; take a walk, or even finger through an excellent visual book. If you're inspired in other ways, possibly read a magazine or book you normally wouldn't read or take the time to shut your eyes allowing yourself to focus on thinking.

Another good way to generate brainstorming is to ask yourself several questions. Ask questions that allow you to come up with several answers. When I am thinking of ideas for a CorpNote e-card or a design for a site layout for Set Now Solutions, I sometimes come across a time consuming creative block. I know what I need to do, but the well is dry. To defeat this monster I call 'Creative Block' I inspire myself by exploring, asking myself questions, and relaxing my mind.

Have any ideas for getting out of 'Creative Block?' Send me an email or fill out the form below.

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