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Excellent Customer Service is Your Most Valuable Asset

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Your investment in your service team contributes highly to your ROI because they help drive your product/service development and they are your customer's chief point of contact.

Customer Satisfaction: Your customer service reps know what your customers are asking for and what problems your customers are encountering. By keeping in close contact with your service staff, you can use their valuable knowledge to create better customer satisfaction. With customer satisfaction, you will have higher client retention and they will refer new customers to your product/service.

Increasing Sales: Your customer service staff is the key to cultivating sales from your existing client base. A good customer service rep will be asked for by name and is trusted by your clients. Getting sales from an existing customer is easier and more cost effective than trying to get new customers.

Don't forget to reward your customer service staff for their efforts! They are just as important as  your sales team.

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