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My Job is a Beach -- How we Created our Recent Line of 4th of July eCards

By Katie da Silva

We needed some fresh, patriotic eCards for the upcoming 4th of July holiday; so, my boss came up with a creative idea. She envisioned an American flag in the sand; but this was no ordinary American flag -- it would be made of red, white, and blue jewels. She wanted the shot to be on wet sand, so unfortunately we had to leave the office and spend a day at the beach. Yes, I have a rough job! :)

We watched the tide schedule and planned our shoot for when the high tide was going out. The plan was going just fine until we got there and noticed the beach was covered in (odd enough) ants -- ants with wings mind you. Eww.

But I've learned when life gives you lemons you make lemonade!

Our jeweled flag turned out better than expected! We also shot beautiful, summery images such as sand dollars, conch shells, and even a message in a bottle.

September, which is the beginning of the winter holiday card season in America, is coming up fast so we also shot some photos for a whole new line of holiday eCards. Don't be surprised if you see a sand drawn evergreen tree decorated with an over abundance of shells!

But don't just send eCards during the winter holidays -- keep up communication by sending our new line of patriotic eCards for summer events like barbecues or company beach parties. They are also great for promoting special summer sales and to remind clients of your product/service. Also, if your product is American made, you can show it with pride by sending one of our new patriotic eCards!

Happy July 4th!

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