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Your Privacy and Security using E-cards, Online Invitations and Surveys

By Michael Miller    7/22/2012

I have been asked if people other than their eCard recipients can see their eCards, invitations or surveys. Members have also inquired whether others can see their address book information.

About eCards

When you send an e-card from CorpNote, we generate a unique ID (with 20+ characters) for each eCards so it would be hard for people to guess your eCard number. It is possible that someone could intercept the email (with the eCard number). As with any email communication, you shouldn't say anything that you don't want others to know.

Many companies scan employee emails, because it is considered company property, and anything you do on company time is their business. FYI - We store your eCards for 60 days; but, you can manually delete an eCard you have sent by going into your account, finding that eCard, and pressing the delete button. The people you have sent this eCard to will no longer be able to view it.

About your CorpNote Address Book

We will NEVER share our members' email addresses or any address stored in our members' email address book. We use up-to-date security encryption and the latest security protection to block hackers from getting to this information. 

About Invitations and Surveys

Only you can see the responses to your invitations and surveys. Your eCard recipients cannot see other people's responses.

Contact Us

If you have ANY questions about your CorpNote privacy or security, please call me at 609-406-1665.

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Michael Miller, VP and Creative Director at eCards Invitations and Surveys and Set Now Solutions.

Michael A. Miller
Vice-President, Set Now Solutions
Creative Director and Member Services Specialist,

Mike has been designing interactive media since the advent of the personal computer, and is CorpNote's resident digital art, multimedia and video expert. As CorpNote's Member Services Specialist, armed with his background in advertising and public relations, Mike enjoys lending his marketing expertise to our CorpNote customers, finding ways for them to improve their communications and grow their business using the internet.

Mike's portfolio of production skills includes 2- and 3-D graphics, animation, interactive multimedia, photography, and video/audio production. He is classically trained in piano and guitar, and his music compositions have been featured in various television, multimedia and web projects. When not behind a computer, he can be found digging in the dirt in his organic garden, creating sawdust in the workshop, or trying to modify cars that worked just fine before he started fiddling with them.

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