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Sending Employee Appreciation eCards

By Katie da Silva    7/30/2007

Happy employees are more likely to be retained and successful, so keep 'em smiling! Sending an employee appreciation eCard is a great way to acknowledge hardworking employees that know how to get the job done! In order, to keep your awesome staff it's a great way to communicate how appreciated they are.

Steps for sending employee appreciation eCards:

1. Search for an eCard design by choosing the employee appreciation or thank you/appreciation design categories. You can also create and upload a custom eCard design. 

2. If the employee appreciation eCard will be sent company wide include in the body of the eCard an intro paragraph that addresses the individual's work experience and how they've reached their current position.

3. Include the reasons for appreciation such as leading a successful project, increasing the bottom line, or generating a great idea that benefits the company as a whole. Tell it as a story. Maybe the individual had complications along the way or wasn't sure where to go with their decision, but through hard work and perseverance was successful.

4. If this is an employee that is going on maternity leave don't forget to include how much that person will be missed and how the company will be anticipating their return.

Communication is a boomerang -- you get back what you throw out there. Has someone appreciated you today?

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