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Throw a Corporate Holiday Party Your Employees Will Talk About for Weeks

By Katie da Silva

Your employees have worked hard all year round so its time for everyone to celebrate and relax at the annual business holiday party. As a business owner you want to throw a party that everyone will want to come to and talk about for weeks to come. Your employees need to feel appreciated and special after a whole year of dedicating their skill, time, and effort into your company. Give them a party they will wait all year for!

Here's a few tips on increasing employee moral by having a successful, exciting holiday party for your whole company:

Plan Your Budget - Comprise a checklist of your holiday party expenses keeping in mind the amount you'd like to spend per employee. Your checklist of expenses will help you stay within your budget, help keep track of ordered items, and remind you of tasks needed to set up the event.

Decide on a Location - If you want the attendee turnout to increase choose a location that will spark your employee's interest with an unusual location. Be creative and choose a location that's unlikely for a holiday party such as a: Museum or Art gallery, Castle, Day-Cruise ship or an Ice Rink. (Aside to my boss - Sarah I really like the castle idea!)

Publish Your Policy - Make sure your party goes smoothly without any embarrassing misunderstandings!

  • Control the amount of alcohol your employees consume. Each employee can have a limited number of drinks by using a set number of drink tickets.
  • Don't forget to offer non-alcoholic beverages so people will have substitutes when they are finished with their alcoholic beverages.
  • An all-night open bar isn't a good idea. Bartenders should be reminded to not serve employees who appear to be intoxicated.
  • Stop serving alcoholic beverages one hour prior to the event's end time.
  • Consider providing transportation by having cabs outside the event just in case someone has had too much to drink.

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