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Google Dazzles

Michael Miller, Vice President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Michael Miller

Doing business on the web is more than just having a web site. Everyone knows that the site has to be found by customers, and ideally by the search engines. Google offers a local business directory,, and some really great tools to let companies customize their directory listing. You can create a local Google listing at your company here:

What really impressed me was how they verified my listing info. They gave me a choice of verifying immediately by phone or by mail, which would have required a couple of weeks. I chose phone, but was skeptical that they would really call me. They gave me a choice of being called "now" or in "5 minutes." Wow! Could it be true? I said "now". The screen showed my company phone number, with a 4 digit "verification" number. Then my phone rung, and the automated message said "please enter the 4 digit number on your screen and press the pound key."

It worked! Talk about simple!

I think this is blog-worthy because, in a time where technology is king, a tasteful combination of web and telephone made for a simple, effective and tasteful business experience. Emphasis on "combination" is so important to choose a blend of communication options these days. As an Online Ecard, Invitation and Survey company employee, it is easy to become email or web-centric. Remember, the web is just an ingredient in the business mix. There's a time and a place for a quick email, an ecard, a phone call or even a face-to-face lunch or cocktail. Mix it up, keep it interesting, make it easy and respect people's time, and they'll thank you.

Thanks, Google!

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