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Don't forget to thank your boss on bosses day!

By Katie da Silva

Bosses Day is just around the corner and it's is the perfect opportunity to thank your boss for everything they have done for you over the past year. Many people have trouble deciding whether a gift or a card is appropriate for Bosses day. It's a tough call. Think of your boss's personality (their likes and dislikes) and whether a gift would seem over indulgent or completely appropriate.

Here are some ideas for bosses day eCards:

  • send an invitation eCard inviting your boss to lunch or another special event to celebrate bosses day
  • outline reasons why you think your boss has done a great job over the past year
  • thank your boss for the guidance they have provided when directing or teaching 
  • remind your boss of times when they went out of their way to help you

Be creative! Thanking your boss will strengthen your relationship and encourage positive communication in the workplace.

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