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Increase sales by using follow-up eCards

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Many companies are not taking advantage of following up on warm sales leads. Don't make the same mistake. Branded eCards are a great way to close the sales loop and get your message out immediately.

When a customer calls, writes or emails your sales department, they are interested in your product or service. A phone call is important because the consumer knows there is a live person they can talk to but there are multiple channels you can use to 'touch' your customer. Here are some strategies for intermixing various communication channels.

Scenario 1: You get an email but your sales team is on the phone. Follow up with a pre-formatted eCard letting the customer know you received their inquiry and your sales team will contact them shortly. Make sure someone does call them.

Scenario 2: A customer calls on the phone. Ask for their email address so you can send them an eCard with links to more information about a product/service, upcoming sales promotions, a link to order the product/service they are inquiring about etc.

Scenario 3: If the prospective customer makes the purchase while you are talking to them, ask for an email address to send the order confirmation via an eCard. This is also an opportunity to include not only a confirmation but to show other sales promotions (to cross-sell other products/services).

Helpful Tip: Use templates. CorpNote allows you to preformat eCard designs, messages, and signatures so you can literally send an eCard in 30 seconds. The customer will feel that they were responded to immediately.

A Nice Touch: Include a photo of the sales rep next to the signature at the bottom of the e-card.

Close the Deal: Give your staff a user friendly way for them to interface with the customer. By using pre-formatted template eCards, your sales reps or customer support staff can easily follow up with customers and potential customers. Flexibility and personalization of the email content and the quick turn-around time to the customer are crucial to closing the deal.

Don't forget -- our Company plans enable you to have preformatted messages that can be shared by everyone in your company.

Now go out there and sell, sell, sell!

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