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CorpNote New Features - Yes, our service just got even better!

By Katie da Silva

As an early holiday present to our members, we just launched a whole bunch of great new features for the holiday season! We have added features to the address book, e-cards, invitations and surveys.

New - Address Book Features

- Your address book in your CorpNote account has become even more useful. You now have the ability to import birthday, anniversary date, and company info from Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT!, or other contact manager software. You also have the option to manually add birthday, anniversary date, company and comment info to any existing address book entry.

- If you have birthday and anniversary dates for your contacts stored in your address book you will now be able to receive email reminders within 7 days of birthday and / or anniversary dates. Click on the 'Set Email Reminders' button on your 'my account' page and select the contacts for which you want to receive an email reminder. Each email reminder will include a link to create an e-card for a birthday or anniversary.

- Your 'my account' page now shows all birthdays and anniversaries for the next 7 days so you won't miss these important events!

View the address book reminders Tutorial

New - Direct Links to E-cards, Invitations, Surveys

- This feature is great for adding a direct link to your e-cards, invitations, and surveys in your press releases, newsletters, Myspace, Facebook, Blogger, etc. Direct Linking is the new, trendy way to show off your e-cards and get your message across!


- After you send an e-card you now have the ability to directly link to your e-card in an email or an html page. You can access the code on your 'Sent Cards' screen.

View the e-card direct link Tutorial


- In your Invitation Manager you can access the direct link code for an event's RSVP form. Just paste the code into an email or web page and the link will take your guests right to your Invitation Response Form. It is easier than ever for people to RSVP to an event!

View the invitation direct link Tutorial


- In your Survey Manager you can access the direct link code for a survey's response form. Paste the code into an email or web page and the link will take people right to your Survey Response Form. By placing a direct link to a survey in multiple locations, you are more likely to get results! Better still - your survey responses will all be consolidated in your Survey Manager.

View the survey direct link Tutorial

We hope you enjoy the new features! Keep those ideas coming!

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