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Saving Green by Going Green

Michael Miller, Vice President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Mike Miller

Want to help your bottom line while you help reduce your company use of paper? Online greeting cards for the Holidays are a great start! It's also a great way to let your customers know that you are going to be communicating electronically in the New Year.

At CorpNote, we've seen a real push by corporations to establish a Green Initiative. The main question we get asked is "What are the cost savings?" Here's a top level answer, along with some honest prices of what people commonly spend. (We would love the chance to discuss your individual needs!)

~ How do I know if I can save money by using online greetings instead of print/postal mail?

Our typical Custom Holiday E-Card campaign consists of a CorpNote Company Plan ($350 one-time setup fee + $6.29/month/user), plus a budget to create a card with a company logo, photos and company message. The production cost of our cards is based hourly, with most of the cards we create costing $650 - $1000, for a really nice animated or still card. (Or you can choose one of our professional cards that is already made at no additional cost, which is included in the monthly membership price.)

For the sake of comparison, let's say your company has 50 reps that each want to send out a custom electronic Holiday card to their clients.

With CorpNote, a 'healthy budget' would be $1,000 for the creation of a custom card, and $664.50 ($350 setup + $314.50/50 users) for unlimited use of the CorpNote system. Total cost = $1,664.50.

If you compare this with a printed card, then plan on spending .20 per card plus .41 for postage; total cost per card is $.61.

So if you had a budget of $1,664.50, then you could send out about 2730 cards via postal mail. Let's call this your 'break-even point' between using CorpNote E-Card and using postal mail. Here are some advantages that may sway your decision:

~ there is no additional cost or hidden fees to sending out more e-cards using CorpNote. Send as many E-cards, online invitations or online surveys as you want for one monthly fee. (Each user could send 5000 cards - you never pay per card with our service.)

~ you save labor time by not having to sign, address and assemble cards

~ your recipients can easily "reply to" your card; not an option with postal mail

~ you can track who picks up your e-card, and easily continue the relationship in the coming year

~ your ongoing costs to continue using CorpNote are low - you only pay for your company users that are active each month.

If you are a Marketing person, then another great benefit of CorpNote Company Plans is BRANDING! Here are some of the opportunities you can brand your e-card effort, that go far beyond the capabilities of print:

~ Your custom e-card will have your company logo and colors

~ Your customers will view the e-card on a web page branded to look like your web site, with links to your company site so you are leveraging your marketing efforts

~ The email 'card pickup' notice can also be branded with a 486 x 60 banner.

And of course, you are helping the environment by reducing the amount of paper and ink that get landfilled in the end, as well as saving the gas and exhaust created by delivering the mail.

(Do you have the desire to Go Green, but a budget that is in the red? Our Individual Membership gives you many of the same features, and access to all of our ready-made cards for just $14.99/month.)

As always, I welcome your calls! Give me a Jingle at 609-406-1665 x.1

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