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Go Green with E-cards, Invitations and Surveys this year

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

A few months ago, companies started calling about our service and how it can help them achieve their green initiatives. Then we saw that NBC was getting into the act with a 'Green is Universal' campaign. So we have been following this trend and today, on CNN, I read that even Google 'Going Green' in its quest to lower the cost of producing electricity from renewable energy sources from the sun and wind. How can your company go green using CorpNote? One item that stood out to me from the 'Go Green Initiative' web site was the notion of 'responsible paper consumption.' Here are some ways our clients are going green:
  • Send holiday e-cards this year instead of traditional print.

  • Put a link to Surveys and Invitations in any item that you must put into print. One of our members, Hennepin County Medical Center, had an event registration sign up linked from a press release, their web site, and in an email they sent to their contacts.

  • Use e-cards to announce and distribute your newsletters and encourage online only publications and resources.

  • Instead of mailing year-end surveys to your customers, encourage them with an incentive to go online and complete the survey.
We are sure you can think of many more ways to go green this year. Please let us know and we will share your ideas.

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