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E-cards, Invitations and Surveys - our New Year's Resolution

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

New features planned for E-card, Invitation and Survey tools in 2008

Here's an overview of what you can look forward to in the weeks and months ahead.

Going Green...Many companies chose CorpNote this year as part of their company or personal campaign to save energy without compromising the quality of their business relationships. We will continue our policy of 'unlimited use for a fixed price', which means that the more you use CorpNote, the lower your cost-per-impression will be. We are creating new e-cards and new business resources aimed at using the Internet to strengthen your business relationships, while significantly bolstering your Green Initiatives.

More e-cards...We'll be adding more original animated and interactive e-cards this year. There will also be more e-cards for specific categories that you've requested, like wine receptions, sales seminars and open houses. We are also working on a new line of humorous e-cards.

Online Invitations...We are improving our Online Invitation tools to better manage online event registration. The new system will be more intuitive while proving a history of all correspondence for a particular event. You'll be able to easily see who picked up your invitation, who replied, and when reminders and follow-up messages were sent.

Motivation...We know we should all keep in touch with our clients and prospects more. We will be creating more e-card, invitation and survey resources to help you simplify and automate your business correspondence. We'll suggest how to combine print and electronic marketing efforts, and what kind of response rates you can expect from an online campaign. We will also be providing tips on how to overcome SPAM filters and inbox clutter, and provide solid advice on how your image and message can make you rise above your competition.

The year ahead...2008 will be about achieving more and conserving resources. More e-cards, more tools, and more business opportunities.

We do listen to your requests and suggestions (and they are most welcome) as we make enhancements to the CorpNote system. We encourage your participation! You can contact us via our online form, take our 2-minute online survey, or call us at 609-406-1665 (yes, you can actually talk to us).

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