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Getting past the SPAM and Junk Email Bin - tips to getting people to open your emails and e-cards, invitations and surveys

Michael Miller, Vice President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Mike Miller

CorpNote continues to have good visibility getting through SPAM filters, and percentages vary depending on your business type, where you got your email list, whether it’s updated, and a zillion other factors. One of these reasons is that we use your real email address as the "from" and "reply to" address, which can be recognized by the recipient. These days, much of the decision of what is SPAM is up to the receiver, not the sender. There are still some best practices you can follow to increase the probability of having you message opened and acted upon. Our mantra of effective email campaigns is as follows:

(All of our recommendations are assuming you are using a permission based email list, which is the golden rule of not truly being SPAM.)

Subject line tips:
Use a ‘strong’ subject line. Quickly tell them who you are and what you want. Tell them a benefit to opening your email.

E.g. Jones Company wishes you happy holidays – plus 10% off

Don’t over-use punctuation. Avoid exclamation marks, quotes and question marks, and never (never never) use triple punctuation marks.
If your e-card is an invitation, say ‘response required’.

E.g. Invitation to Jones Company party – response required

Follow-up tips:
After a few days, send a copy of the e-card to anyone who has not picked up the e-card. (This is an option when you view your sent cards.)
The second time you send out the card, send out as “text only”, which is selected on the SEND screen under your list of email addresses. To make this stronger, add the text “2nd notice” to your subject line.

Other ways to get through:
If your recipients open regular emails from you, you can send a link to view an e-card, invitation or survey directly from your regular email, or post the link on a web page. To get the direct link address to view an e-card, open your Sent Cards screen (the card has to have been sent), click the “Direct Link” button on the right of the screen, and copy the Direct Link for Email web address. This can now be used as a hyperlink directly to the card, via email or a web browser. A similar button also appears in your Invitation or Survey Manager. (Note: when you use this method, some of the tracking features in CorpNote are disabled.)

Regular email habits:
Get in the practice of asking your email recipients to add your email address to their email address book. Many SPAM filters will bypass emails that have a known entry in the local address book.

Other resources:
We’ve been tracking the deliverable/open email trends for several years, and we have created a repository of more articles in our searchable online Blog, available at We cover topics like the best day of the week to send out emails, email best practices and creative ideas for effective e-campaigns.

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