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New Holiday E-card Designs and Some Old Favorites too!

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

We are having fun getting ready for the holidays this year with a new web site design in the works and lot's of new e-card designs too.

Classic Holiday E-cards:

Christmas Trees E-card with Music is Simple but Elegant with black and gold.

Winter Scene Holiday E-card - this is my personal favorite. Several people worked on this one!

Chanukah E-card with a twist - this was shot at the beach with clear blue gem stones on the stand. If anyone needs more beach e-cards, let me know because I sure wouldn't mind spending another camera shoot at the beach!

Winter Snow Scene with an added surprise. Click the Play Again button and you will see the surprise.

Happy New Year E-card with a guitar instrumental from our studio. Michael created this card from the video to the music.

E-cards with a little more Edge:

A lot of our members are sending the traditional holiday greetings to clients, vendors and employees but some have been requesting holiday e-cards for friends and family too. The tone of those types of e-cards can be much different.

I really got a kick designing our new reindeer e-card that we posted this week. Here it is -- in case you missed it. It's a little risqué, so I wouldn't recommend it for general office use!

Speaking of risqué...I am on a little bit of a campaign this year to have a new line of e-cards that are a little more cutting edge for those times that don't have to be so 'corporate.' I would like to hear your thoughts on this and what kind of topics you would like for those types of e-cards.

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