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E-card Delivery as a Click through in an Email

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Many customers have asked why we don't deliver an e-card as part of the email rather than as a link the recipient has to click on. Here's the reason why we do this:

The e-cards you send from our system go out as an email link that the recipients have to click to view, and the e-cards open in a browser window. We do this because many of our e-cards are animated, and our service has several other features which require a web browser and simply won't work if we used email delivery alone.

We overcome the concern of viruses by clearly identifying you as the sender, and we only encourage permission-based email campaigns to people who will recognize you or your company.

If you wish to use our service to create an e-card, and you want to send the link to view the card via another email software (e.g. Outlook, Goldmine), use our direct link feature. Copy the text in the 'Direct Link' box next to your e-card you want to send and paste that text into your email. Recipients will still need to click to view the card and several of our tracking features are disabled with this method, like showing a list of who views your card.

As always, send a test e-card to yourself so you can see what your final product looks like; think carefully about your subject line so you get the highest recognition from your recipients; and, make sure you spell check your e-card copy.

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