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Sending E-cards for the Holidays: Email Inbox Verses Browser Delivery?

Michael Miller, Vice President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Michael Miller

There are a couple of questions that we get asked repeatedly, and I try to answer each one directly, without using a 'canned response'. Many people call us who want to deliver an online greeting or invitation directly to recipients inboxes. (CorpNote requires a click-through.) Here's a copy of my response -- hope it helps!

[Q] It looks like the recipient would need to click on the card and go to a separate browser. Is it possible to send the card so that it opens immediately? My concern is that some folks won't bother clicking.

[A] Our system is developed around the 'click-through' method, primarily because it requires browser technology to display, respond to and track cards, invitations and surveys. Additionally, we are seeing a shift in how people are picking up their email (Blackberries, handheld cellular devices, etc.) and increasingly strict email filtering by corporations, that don't allow html email or severely restrict it.

Our service enjoys a good click-through percentage because we practice and encourage 'good email manners': we clearly identify you as the sender, and we only encourage permission-based email campaigns to people who presumably will recognize you or your company.

There are many reasons people don't open an email; with CorpNote (because we use the browser click-through) you can see who views your card, and easily resend to just those who didn't view it, sending it out a second time as a text-only email that is easily delivered.

As with postal mail, you have to compare the cost with the effectiveness of actually reaching your intended recipient. If you use a good subject line, and the people you are sending to recognize your company, then E-cards (even with a click-through) are a great way to effectively and efficiently get your message out.

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