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Thank You E-cards are a quick, professional way to say thank you for holiday gifts this season.

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

I once got a thank you card 3 months after I sent a holiday gift. The person apparently got busy with the holidays and thought she mailed it and months later found it in a drawer. Go figure!

Don't be late with your thank you cards this year. Send an e-card as soon as you receive a gift. Unlike a mailed card you will see that your thank you e-card was picked up.

The CorpNote elves have been busy this year! They have been creating several holiday themed thank you e-cards that can be sent to thank people for all your winter season holiday gifts.

Click on any of the new e-card designs to the right to easily send an e-card. If you have any more tips for the holidays or fun stories to share, I welcome your feedback!

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