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Being Green and Staying Green

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

As part of my family's mission to stay green, I recently started getting Dwell and Organic Gardening Magazine. I enjoy the publications but both are a lesson in disparate and ineffective cross-marketing communications. 

After reading the latest issues, I sought out their web sites because I wanted to write a blog about being green and staying green and reference their articles. In my quest to link to this month's issue of Dwell, which has a helpful (and humorous) section on simple things everyone can do to live greener, I was sorely disappointed. 

Dwell's web site focuses on selling products rather than providing articles. You really have to look for the link that says 'The Magazine.' Organic Gardening Magazine's web site was just a page on how to subscribe. 

In this 'supposed' recession, businesses should focus the majority of their efforts on customer retention and referrals from happy customers to new prospective customers. Over-marketing to them is a no-no. As a happy customer of both publications, I wanted to 1. write a blog about them and link to their web sites 2. let my friends know by email and send them a link to the web sites. Unfortunately, if I offered a link, most people would click to their web sites but would more than likely not be interested because it does not accurately reflect their product. 

Lesson Learned: Make sure the marketing of your product or service is accurately portrayed in ALL marketing channels. Worried about cost? Look at quality over quantity. Cut marketing channels that are ineffective or re-position yourself within marketing channels that should be effective but aren't. 

As always, I recommend choosing Green and cost-effective marketing channels like CorpNote. You knew I had to say that! Oh -- and if you have a home veggie garden - a tip from Organic Gardening Magazine this month -- whenever you have left over produce, donate it to a local food bank.

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