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Father's Day E-cards and Party Invitations

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

CorpNote's New Father's Day e-cards have arrived and our members are using them in really creative ways. Thanks for all your Father's Day tips and suggestions! Here they are...

1. E-cards to promote Father's Day sales: If you are in retail and you have anything a dad could want, send an e-card or event invitation to all of your contacts letting them know of special Father's Day promotions. Send an invitation, with a special discount offer, exclusively inviting Dad's to shop in your online store to get the things they didn't get for Father's Day but they really wanted. (Remember to send your e-cards, invitations and surveys to people who have given you permission to do so!)

2. Father's Day Parties: This is becoming more and more popular. Whether the Father's Day party is celebrated at home, online, or at a restaurant, people are sending e-card invitations with surveys attached asking people to write a few comments about the Dad being honored at the party. One member is asking for Photos to make a collage for their special Dad. What a great gift!

3. Thank You E-cards: Even if someone is not your Father but have treated you like one, send an e-card thanking them for being there for you.

4. Customized Father's Day E-cards: Since CorpNote enables you to upload your own e-cards (photos, images or collages), you can get creative. An animated .gif card with a slide show of each of the kids with a baby photo and a current photo is a nice online gift for your special Dad.

5. Grandfather's Celebrate Father's Day too: Without a grandfather, your father wouldn't be here. Don't forget to show the Father's Day love to all Dads this holiday.

Keep those tips and suggestions coming and have a Wonderful Father's Day!

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