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Custom Holiday eCards - Thanksgiving and Seasons Greetings

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Holiday eCards are already a hot topic here at CorpNote as we gear up for the winter season. Lots of customers are already starting their planning for holiday eCards instead of the traditional postal mailing. Why? The biggest reason we keep hearing is -- holiday eCards are more economical and they support company 'green' initiatives.

I can understand the cost-saving perspective but let's also remember that eCards offer a more immersive experience than print. Animated eCards with music and interactivity is what makes Internet media unique and substantially different from print. 

CorpNote's 2009 Winter Holiday eCard ideas:

Branding - If you like an existing CorpNote eCard, in most cases we can easily customize the eCard to have a custom message and your company logo for a small fee.

Marketing - If you have a marketing campaign that you wish to extend into your holiday eCard, we can create a custom eCard that matches your marketing campaign. Call our art department at 609-406-1665.

Invitations - Use CorpNote to easily keep track of holiday party guest lists. Use an existing holiday greeting card or create a custom one with photos from last year's holiday party.

Coupons - One company had an interactive eCard that asked 3 easy questions about their product and if the card recipient got them all correct, they got a 50% off coupon.

Sales - Whether it's an in store event or a web event, an eCard with photos from your last event or pictures of your new holiday season product line can help get holiday sales moving. 

In all of the above cases, it is imperative that your eCard offers something of value or prompts a response from the recipient. Be unusual, offer something of value, and be remembered.

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring what will work for your company this holiday season.

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