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New Holiday eCard Line - Fall 2009 Art and Photography Trends

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Every year, I get the Fall issue of Vogue -- not because I am a fashionista (hardly!) -- but because the art and photography is generally an indicator of color and overall style trends. This year, almost every ad looks the same with a lot of black and white photography highlighted in a single color or 2 colors. It's a very attractive look but by page 200 it wasn't 'interesting' anymore -- it all looks the same.

Even more amusing is that brands are starting to look like their competitors with everyone using the 'new look.' For example, my partner was looking over my shoulder at a black and white photo ad for Grey Goose Vodka which was highlighted in blue and said casually 'Oh I like the sky blue Vodka' ad. Hmmm.

So what does all this have to do with CorpNote's new holiday card line? Everything.

-- You will see some new 'trendy' card designs but consider a classic look for your greeting cards. With everyone else using the 'trendy' look -- you may actually stand out by being a classic.

-- If you use a 'trendy' card, use your logo in your signature and try a different color scheme for around the card and in text colors and fonts. This will help differentiate your brand.

-- Be unique and send a custom holiday eCard. It's becoming popular this year for CorpNote clients to select one of our animated eCards and then have us customize it with their brand colors, music and unique identity imagery. 

You may see a turn in the trend by the winter holiday season and a few companies will start to look unique against the current common artistic landscape.

Just for fun: If you have the Fall issue of Vogue, go to page 176. There are 2 women on a cobblestone street with harpoon equipment, small fishing nets and spindly legs with the highest heels. Now if they harpooned a fish -- it would have to be a pretty big fish -- and that little net isn't going to do much of anything not to mention a gust of wind would probably knock them over too. Well...At least I will remember the photo and hopefully remember that it came from Vogue when I look for my magazines to buy next Fall.

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