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Halloween eCards and Party Invitations

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

The CorpNote phone has been ringing off the hook about custom holiday eCard designs since September. I was shopping at Target last week and I saw Christmas trees on display. Am I missing something? Are we skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving and jumping right into the winter holidays?

Well, I refuse to completely give in! Our offices are decorated for Halloween and we are enjoying the orange, black, and purple. The candy dishes with the candy corn, that no one ever eats, is out for decoration. The Snickers and M&Ms are already gone. :(

Our new eCard designs for Halloween will be available next week. Some eCards are animated but we have some classic non-animated card designs as well. Don't miss the opportunity to use the Halloween holiday to drive sales. Even if you don't sell merchandise or services that are Halloween related, you can still use it as a time to run sales promotions or just brighten a co-worker's day.

If you're having a Halloween party, don't forget to send out your reminders next week. At CorpNote, we're having a pumpkin painting contest that is not only fun but it also helps decorate the office too!  

Enjoy your Halloween!

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