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Season's Greetings E-cards and the CorpNote Plan that's right for you

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Many businesses are sending their holiday greetings electronically this year. If you're surfing the web and it's after our business hours, here's the scoop on our service. If it's Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST, you can reach us at 609-406-1665. We welcome your call.

We have 2 membership plans: individual and corporate.

* Both plans enable you to send an unlimited number of e-cards, invitations and surveys and our service is completely advertising free. 

* Both plans also enable you to upload e-cards of your own design and all e-cards can contain a logo, email and web site hyperlink in the signature line of the e-card.

* We will never sell or use your email addresses for our use. That is an obvious business and SPAM no-no but you would be surprised how often I still get asked that question.

Can you have an individual membership if you are with a company and using the service for business purposes? Absolutely! CorpNote is a business service (although some members also use it for personal use) and our individual plan in $14.99 per month. 

Here is the biggest advantage to having a company account:

The company account enables you to make the entire CorpNote system look like your web site with your logo and colors in the web site interface. You are also able to add and remove users from your account and you have consolidated billing so there is only one charge per month on your credit card. There is a set up fee of $350 which is a one time charge and then each user is only $6.29 per person per month. The set up fee includes free phone support to our graphic design team who will help you get everything set up properly.

Important Notes: 

*We do not give a free trial of our service but we do have a money back guarantee of 10 days for our individual memberships.

*You will be billed monthly until you cancel your membership which needs to be 4 days before your monthly renewal date. For example, if you signed up on 10/16, then you need to cancel by 11/12/09 to not be billed for the next month. We have no minimum subscription time. You can use it for one month and cancel.

The most  important note:

*If you have questions, call us (609-406-1665) or send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.

The Pretty Stuff

We are always adding new e-card and invitation designs -- even up to the actual date of the holiday. View e-card samples for:

Seasons Greetings

Have a great holiday season!



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