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Online Invitation Improvements - Event Management is Now Even Easier

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

As part of our summer series of CorpNote system enhancements, we recently released a new feature that enables event administrators to ask 2 multiple choice questions of their attendees. I have already seen members using this new feature in very creative ways.

One member is having a company picnic where employees are able to bring their family members. The event administrator was able to ask the meal choice and the age range of each guest. This enabled them to easily sort the children into age groups and organize games and activities based on the number of kids in each age group.

Some of our members use CorpNote for personal parties too. One member was having a pot luck dinner and one of the questions asked was what the guest would be bringing. When the event administrator received a lot of responses for 'dessert,' they removed that item from the choices. The way that CorpNote system is built, you are able to remove choices but the original response data is still preserved; so, the people that had selected dessert still display in the attendance reports with that choice.

The event administrator can even configure a question so it doesn't display to the public. I have seen this used to store internal information about the attendee, like if they are a past customer, a prospect or a company employee or spouse.

I am sure you will think of many creative uses for the new questions feature. We would love to hear from you!

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