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Free eCards versus paid memberships - what's the difference?

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

CorpNote is like a giant iceberg but don’t expect it to sink your ship! Think of our free eCards as the tip of the iceberg and our paid memberships as a lot more going on below the surface.

We recently launched free eCards to encourage companies to go green this holiday season. Our free eCard system is a ’try before you buy’ solution, so people can see for themselves how professional an online greeting card can look.

What’s the difference between our free eCards and our paid memberships?

Sending eCards
Our free eCard system has a limited selection of eCards, you can send 10 per day and to 1 person at a time.
Our paid memberships enable you to send an unlimited number of eCards, there is a wider selection of cards and you can upload your own, and you can send 1 eCard to 250 recipients at one time.

The paid membership has extensive features including tracking, online address book, preferences and more.

Online Event Registration and Surveys
These features are only included in our paid memberships.

For a more detailed list of what’s included in our paid memberships, please visit our compare plans page. Also check out our blog on Season’s Greetings E-cards and the CorpNote Plan that’s right for you.

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