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Go Green with Holiday eCards and Online Holiday Party Invitations

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

In the spirit of being 'green', many of our customers are planning to send holiday eCards and online holiday party invitations instead of the traditional postal mailing. But, using eCards goes beyond a company's going green initiative. eCards offer interactivity, card view tracking and much more that you just can't get from a printed greeting card. Holiday eCards also help with party planning and collating guest lists. Managing a holiday party is so much easier with an online event management tracking system. (Read our latest newsletter's special section on Give Yourself a Gift...the Gift of Time!)

We have new holiday eCard designs coming out this week and they will continue to be released through Christmas. We have a diverse selection to choose from. Some companies like non animated cards so they appear on all devices, some like the animated musical eCards, and some go a step further and have us custom design a holiday eCard with all the bells and whistles.
Here are some other holiday eCard trends we are seeing this year.
eCards and Social Media: Many companies are using CorpNote’s social media sharing feature to post a link to their holiday eCard from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Check out our online tutorials: Using eCards in social media
eCards Posted on your Website: You can use our direct link feature to post a link on your website to your holiday eCard. Check out the tutorial: Direct Link to your eCards
Online Holiday Party Invitations: Save the headache of addressing and mailing printed holiday party invitations and manually keeping track of responses! CorpNote has a lot of great new features such as the ability to ask questions of your guests such as their meal choice. Learn more about online invitations in the tutorials section of our site.

Custom Animated Greeting Cards
: Most everyone knows that holiday eCards are more economical and they support a company's ’green’ initiatives; but, eCards also offer a more immersive experience than print. Animated e-cards with music and interactivity is what makes Internet media unique and substantially different from printed greeting cards. Try something new this year like an interactive game or online video story of what you're company did in 2012 that made a difference. One of our clients has a custom eCard with photos of all the students they helped and another eCard has photos of their employees doing volunteer work and how much money they raised for various causes.
Learn more about custom eCards and pricing in our blog on Custom Animated Holiday Cards.

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