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Holiday eCards - Email Inbox vs. Web Browser Delivery

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

We get asked this question every year around the holidays:
"Are CorpNote eCards sent as an email where the recipient has to click a link in the email to open a card, or does the eCard get displayed directly in the recipient's inbox?"
The answer is that the recipient gets an email, and has to click a link to view the card. The email is very streamlined, and clearly identifies the sender. It also provides several ways that a recipient can pick up an eCard, if they don't want to use the embedded link.
CorpNote has been successfully using this method for many years, and we continue to believe that it is the best method. (You can read our 2008 blog on the subject .) At any rate, it deserves another look.
We use a very "light" email with a link to a web page for several reasons.

1. The email gets through spam filters better. This is especially important since CorpNote is designed for business, and has to be deliverable through the strictest of email filters.
2. Our eCards have animation and sound, which won’t play in many email readers. By displaying our eCards in a web browser, we can use the latest graphic, sound and animation technologies in our eCards.
3. The 'click through' provides you with real-time data on when your eCards are viewed.
Another benefit of using the web browser to display your eCards (and your online event RSVP forms and surveys) is that you can link directly to any sent eCard via a web address. This means you can post a link to your eCard on your website or in your social media postings. (Direct links bypass the previously mentioned tracking.)
If you want to "Try Before You Buy", you can use our new free eCard service, and see for yourself what the eCard experience is like. Hopefully the advantage will be more clear, why all these years later, we still support the email link delivery method for our eCards.
More information about eCard notification emails: When you send an eCard from our system, it gets sent from our server, using your email address as the 'from' and 'reply to' email address, and clearly identifies you as the sender. If you are having trouble receiving  CorpNote emails that you send to yourself (or to other people within your company) it might be because your email administrator is blocking incoming email using your address that it knows didn't originate within the company. Here's a better description of why this happens and how to resolve the issue.

Coming soon...Just in time for the holidays, CorpNote will be releasing its new LARGE ECARD FORMAT. Try one of our new large animated holiday eCards this year! It's a BIG change!

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