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Using eCards for Holiday Sales and Promotions

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Not only are eCards a great way of reminding people of your product or service during holiday time but it's also a time to connect with your customers and really stand out in the crowd. One of the number one reasons people sign up for newsletters and like companies on Facebook is to get special deals.

We have seen a lot of eCard activity for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here is an idea you can use now for your holiday sales and promotions or any time of year.

There are 2 ways you can make an eCard into a coupon:

  • The first way is to create a custom eCard that has the coupon as a graphic. To do this, use a photo/image editing program of your choice and upload your design as an eCard. This method would allow you to include a bar code or QR code, if you have the capabilities. (view tutorial)

  • The second way is to use the text area below the picture to write the details of the coupon offer.

Either way, you could ask your clients to print out the coupon or include an offer number in the eCard message for people to use with phone orders. If you choose to have the customer print out the eCard, we recommend using dark text on a light background, and pick a design that’s ink toner-friendly!

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