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Email Alternatives to Sharing your Holiday eCards

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Most people send their CorpNote eCards by using their address book or manually copying and pasting their recipients email addresses. The advantage of this is you will see who picks up your eCards and how many times they viewed it. But what if you want to send eCards by another method because your company has certain restrictions or you only know people through social media channels and don't have their email addresses?

For all of the alternative email methods described below, follow this procedure.
Send an eCard to yourself. Make sure it looks the way you want it to. Then go to eCards > Sent Cards and find the card you sent and then click the 'Direct Link' button.

Sending an email using your own email client like Outlook or Gmail
Copy and paste the direct link into an email of your own design. In MS Outlook, if you right click on the image that comes in the eCard email notice you sent to yourself, you can copy and paste that image into your email design. Remember to use a good subject line and message text that will inspire your recipient to click to view the eCard.

Sending your eCard via social media channels
What if don't know your recipient's email address but you know them through Linked In, Facebook or Twitter? This is a great solution. Go to the social media channel and find your contact. Click to send the person a ’message’ and then copy and paste the direct link into your message. Don’t forget to personalize your message and let them know the link you provided is to view a holiday eCard. With Facebook, the person can then ’share’ their eCard which will post it on their wall. This is kind of the electronic replacement for the printed cards that are displayed in someone’s office.

Posting your eCard on social media channels
Simply copy and paste the link into your post for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and add the appropriate text. What’s nice about Facebook is that most times a thumbnail image of your eCard design will display so it looks a little nicer than a text only post.

Tip: In your ’sent cards’ bin, you can add comments to each eCard which will help you remember the delivery method you used.

There is a downside to sending an eCard using each of these methods. When you send an eCard outside of the CorpNote system, you do not have as much detail as to who is picking up your eCard.  You will still see how many times it was viewed but each view will be marked as ’anonymous’. 

P.S. You can also link directly to an invitation or a survey from your own email program, website, and blog as well as posts in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. See our tutorials for more information.

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