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Going Green - One business eCard at a Time

By Michael Miller    3/16/2012

Over the past year, Corpnote has been working hard to come up with new ideas that answer the diverse needs of its members and the business community. As a company that offers many tools to "reduce the carbon footprint" of doing business, we are naturally a part of the "Go Green" brotherhood. Our eCards, online invitations and online surveys conserve paper, printing ink and the fuel it takes to pick up and deliver mail. It also saves money. (Easy-to-believe fact: Did you know that an overwhelming majority of companies that have adopted a "Go Green Initiative" are expecting the number-one benefit to be cost savings?)

One of CorpNote’s hot new feature upgrades is called QuickSend. QuickSend is a web portal for cell phone users that lets you send an eCard with all of your contact information in a few seconds. It's great for networking events or anywhere that you want to quickly share information about yourself, your company, an upcoming event or an online survey.

QuickSend lets you pre-design the eCards people receive, with your company logo, contact info, social media links, website information, high-resolution photos and more. It’s the ultimate ’go green’ business card. But unlike paper business cards, QuickSend lets you automatically add each recipient to your online address book so you can easily maintain the relationship.

If you would like more information about CorpNote QuickSend, check out our website or give us a call.

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Michael Miller, VP and Creative Director at eCards Invitations and Surveys and Set Now Solutions.

Michael A. Miller
Vice-President, Set Now Solutions
Creative Director and Member Services Specialist,

Mike has been designing interactive media since the advent of the personal computer, and is CorpNote's resident digital art, multimedia and video expert. As CorpNote's Member Services Specialist, armed with his background in advertising and public relations, Mike enjoys lending his marketing expertise to our CorpNote customers, finding ways for them to improve their communications and grow their business using the internet.

Mike's portfolio of production skills includes 2- and 3-D graphics, animation, interactive multimedia, photography, and video/audio production. He is classically trained in piano and guitar, and his music compositions have been featured in various television, multimedia and web projects. When not behind a computer, he can be found digging in the dirt in his organic garden, creating sawdust in the workshop, or trying to modify cars that worked just fine before he started fiddling with them.

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